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About ArawakX

ArawakX believes that all types of people should have the opportunity to invest in companies they believe in and share in their success. We enable promising  companies with high-growth potential to raise capital and build communities. Our team of experts are here to help you every step of the way.


Working together we can create the economic environment and conditions that will ensure financial investment opportunities are within reach for all people.

We help businesses thrive

Our Values

We believe we have a responsibility to be a strong partner within the local and global communities in which we do business. As part of that belief, we support initiatives that promote financial inclusion and social justice through equal access to investment opportunities and capital to promote economic growth and opportunity.


We do the right thing even when no one is watching. We earn the trust of our investors and companies through our commitment and actions. 


We approach what we do with humility and recognize the value each person brings. We build caring relationships with the individuals and communities we serve.


We embrace, celebrate and value diversity. We create a safe and welcoming space for all people and advocate for each other and the people we serve. 


We proactively share ideas and support each other to grow and develop. We work to expand our reach and improve the lives of people in our community.


We operate our business using industry best practices and well-developed skill sets. Continuous quality and process improvement is the hallmark of our business. 


We recognize the value of working together as a team as well as with the community in which we operate to get the best results.

ArawakX is committed to become the world’s preferred equity crowdfunding platform – applying insight, service quality and innovation to create sustainable growth for both companies and investors.

How we got started

Focus on financial inclusion

ArawakX began its journey with the mission to address the challenges facing unbanked populations and undercapitalized markets through financial education and innovative and affordable financial instruments for investors. 

We believed that as consumer adoption of digital technologies continued to accelerate, financial inclusion for underserved markets could become a reality. 

A Playbook for success

A growth mindset

Building and optimizing high-performance growth engines requires the right leadership, organizational structure and culture to support the goals of our investors and companies we serve.

At ArawakX, we are committed to principle that leaders must learn how to transform themselves to define the future growth of their businesses. The possibilities through a growth mindset are unlimited.

Strategy and Execution

ArawakX Leadership

We are committed to leading the crowdfunding industry through our intense focus of helping companies raise capital and empowering our investors. Strong leaders and empowered employees are the key drivers of business innovation and growth.

ArawakX Equity Crowdfunding

Turn Inspiration into Reality


ArawakX works closely with you to understand your business objectives and position your company with qualified investors to help fund business growth.

ArawakX Platform

Our powerful platform provides an efficient and cost effective way to sell and purchase equity-based private securities enabling all investors to become part owner in the company that issues those shares.


Our world-class team has the expertise and skills to help you answer your questions and guide you through your investment journey.